Dairy Producer Reduces Wastewater Operational Costs with MacDermid Envio

Dairy case study


Dairy producer seeks cost-saving changes to wastewater treatment program

Wastewater treatment is essential in most industries, and food and beverage is no exception.  Some companies resist paying for high-end wastewater treatment solutions, however, believing they won’t see a return on that investment.  But when an Indianapolis-based dairy company needed to make huge budget cuts or face possible closure, it teamed with an innovative wastewater treatment provider to reduce overhead while also improving water treatment and recovery.

This dairy producer of popular canned whipped cream already had a wastewater treatment provider for advice on technologies and chemicals, but the Indianapolis plant saw an opportunity to improve their dairy wastewater treatment by partnering with MacDermid Envio.


Assessment of dairy wastewater finds key areas to optimize wastewater treatment for better efficiency

The facility was in need of lower overhead, so they were skeptical when MacDermid Envio proposed a treatment strategy that built upon their existing equipment. However, MacDermid Envio’s unique, modular approach provided better water recovery for a lower capital investment.

Because this company dealt with fats, oils, grease, and detergent during their CIP sanitation process on a daily basis, a coagulant was needed with a broad enough range to treat a variety of contaminants in their dairy wastewater.  MacDermid Envio’s initial treatability survey found that its versatile coagulant 9070 was the ideal product, but MacDermid Envio developed a method to provide even more value.


Smart storage and automation for wastewater treatment deliver incredible results

Based on the various contaminants of their dairy wastewater, MacDermid Envio determined that their coagulant MacDermid Envio 9070 was the best choice. To ensure the manufacturer received the best price, they and MacDermid Envio negotiated a bulk storage arrangement for the 9070. By storing in bulk, the facility cut costs associated with shipping, storing, and refilling smaller containers.

A new bulk tank was installed, capable of holding 5,000 gallons, significantly greater than the 275-gallon container they were using. When they need to refill the containers, only the liquid ships.

In addition to re-envisioning the storage and input of the coagulant, MacDermid Envio installed equipment to help feed it properly. This included an equalizer, helping to process the facility’s wastewater flows, evening out the contaminant levels. Further, MacDermid Envio implemented a dissolved air flotation (DAF), which worked more effectively with the new 9070.

Next, they initiated automation of the delivery of chemical based on strength. With the more consistent influent system, they achieved improved equalization.

Third, MacDermid Envio trained the dairy producer’s wastewater treatment operators to optimize the equipment and ensure an efficient process.  Without training on the correct wastewater chemical dosages and other variables, operating costs could easily escalate.  MacDermid Envio also provided in-house technical staff for in-depth training and oversight when necessary.


MacDermid Envio reduces dairy producer's wastewater operational costs by $432k in 6 months

The new process for storing and refilling the coagulant saved the company a significant amount in packaging, shipping, and storage.

The client did not expect immediate results and cost savings but after six months, it was clear that MacDermid Envio had provided an effective solution.  In that time, the food manufacturer saved $237,000 in solid waste disposal, $148,000 in chemicals and $47,000 in compliance for a total cost reduction of $432,000.  Waste stream solids were also reduced by 57 percent.

By partnering with MacDermid Envio and committing to the solutions provided, the dairy producer was able to exceed all of its cost-reduction goals without compromising dairy wastewater treatment efficiency – in fact, MacDermid Envio improved upon it.

If your organization would like to revise their wastewater treatment solutions and find cost savings, visit MacDermid Envio’s wastewater upgrades page to learn more. We provide upgrades to competitor’s systems, just like we did with this dairy producer’s wastewater system.