Buildings - Commercial & Institutional

MacDermid Envio provides total water management solutions to the building industry to reduce costs and prevent occupant health risks including Legionella.


Commercial and institutional building water treatment solutions

No matter what your commercial or institutional building water treatment challenge is, MacDermid Envio can help.

Our expertise in building technology, operations, and applications drives our delivery of integrated, economical solutions customized to your buildings, systems, equipment, and regulatory environment.

Our depth of experience in chemistry and building processes – along with our rigorous problem solving capabilities and exceptional customer service – make MacDermid Envio your single source solutions provider. 

MacDermid Envio creates leading edge building system solutions and specialty chemical blends including: corrosion inhibitors, antiscalants, cleaners, biocides, and dispersants. 

Buildings - Commercial & Institutional

MacDermid Envio creates customized water solutions for commercial and institutional buildings




Total water management
Wastewater treatment
Boiler and cooling water treatment
Closed loop systems
Comfort heating and cooling systems
Equipment support and process optimization
Legionella and biofouling prevention
Regulatory compliance
Proprietary chemistries
building water treatment

Our customized building solutions will:

  • Maintain comfortable temperatures for building occupants
  • Conserve water and energy, and reduce costs
  • Prevent occupant health risks including Legionella
  • Minimize chemical costs and dosages
  • Minimize corrosion, scale, and equipment blockages
  • Prolong equipment life and protect against unscheduled service disruptions or system failures

Regardless of the type, difficulty, or urgency of your building issue, MacDermid Envio can solve it economically. We welcome the opportunity to create a customized, integrated solution to help you stay in compliance, protect your occupants and your assets, and reduce your costs.