Sustainable Sludge Handling Increases Revenues

Feb 13, 2018
Love Recycling

With environmental regulations constantly changing and increasing costs associated with waste handling, companies need to make smart and informed business decisions about sludge disposition. Sludge is an unfortunate byproduct of any industrial wastewater treatment process. Minimizing its impact on both public health and the environment must be a critical piece to any sludge management solution. With many traditional disposal routes coming under pressure, the challenge is finding cost-effective and innovative solutions while remaining responsive to environmental, regulatory and public pressures. A one-source disposal solution of sludge can create a bottle-neck for the facility, and the added variable cost in sludge disposal can negatively impact a tight operational budget.

The treatment and disposal of sewage sludge is an expensive and environmentally delicate problem worldwide. Sludge production has continued to increase as new sewage treatment systems and facilities are built and environmental quality standards become less lenient. To deal with these market changes, several cutting-edge advancements are taking place in wastewater. From harvesting energy from bio-solids to using recently discovered bacteria to more efficiently remove nitrogen from sludge and other waste, the latest generation of wastewater innovations has the potential to change the way we manage, pay for, and profit from wastewater treatment.

Sustainable sludge handling is a cost-effective method that results in an efficient recycling process while ensuring that harmful substances are not transferred to humans or the environment. There are many treatment options available, and every solution should be engineered for the specific application. That’s why MacDermid Envio is the premier provider of integrated wastewater treatment solutions. By designing and manufacturing turnkey cost-effective industrial wastewater treatment systems and chemicals, they are helping manufacturers stay in compliance and in most cases create an additional revenue source. Without the need for expensive hauling, operation costs are also minimized.

MacDermid Envio works to educate consumers about the various options for handling their sludge. We strive to deliver the best alternative and cost-saving options. Recycling of waste products is the preferred options for sustainable development, rather than incineration or landfilling. However, sewage sludge is much more complicated than other waste materials with its composition of contaminants, pathogens, and other harmful substances. MacDermid Envio experts help their clients find the best alternative solutions, even in the most complicated of sludge chemistries.