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MacDermid Envio Solutions currently offers the following solutions.

NiCycle™ – Nickel Recovery System

In decorative electroplating applications, nickel sulphate and nickel chloride are used to replenish drag-out losses. Both ultimately end up in the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). By utilizing our NiCycle nickel recovery unit, customers can reclaim more than 90% of the nickel from their rinse waters, providing significant cost saving and waste reduction. Nickel solutions recovered by our NiCycle units are free of organics and sulphur compounds making them ideal for reuse in most nickel plating processes.

Our NiCycle system works effectively on most nickel electrolytes including Wood’s nickel strike, semi-bright nickel, satin nickel, bright nickel, and microporous nickel. The highly selective Ion Exchange resin we have developed collects, concentrates, and purifies nickel in either sulphate or chloride form for immediate reuse. Our NiCycle units can switch between nickel chloride and nickel sulphate production on a batch-to-batch basis.


NiCycle can reclaim more than 90% of nickel from typical electroplating rinse waters.

  • Immediate positive “Return on Investment”
  • Economically attractive if a moderate monthly tonnage of nickel salts are consumed
  • Zero upfront equipment investment cost
  • Substantial cost savings from nickel salts drag-out recycling
  • Nickel sulphate or chloride immediately available for reuse
  • Reduced nickel sludge generation and external treatment cost
  • Reduced overall environmental footprint
  • Less dependency on fluctuating nickel prices
  • Reduced waste volumes and associated treatment costs



NiCycle is operated by many leading nickel plating and plating on plastics companies, some of whom recover values in excess of $400k per year.


CuCycle™– Copper Recovery System

In decorative electroplating applications, most sulphate-based copper electroplating processes consume copper sulphate to replenish drag-out losses that ultimately end up in the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). By utilizing our CuCycle copper recovery unit, customers can reclaim more than 90% of the copper from their rinse waters, providing significant cost savings and waste reduction. Our innovative CuCycle design concentrates more than 90% of copper from plating rinses.

Through the efficient removal of copper from the rinse water, CuCycle can reduce the copper content to less than 2 ppm, thus minimising waste treatment costs and reducing waste disposal volumes.



Over 90% of copper in rinse waters can be recycled.

  • Fully automated copper recycling system for recovery of copper salts
  • Zero up-front equipment investment cost
  • Economically attractive if a moderate monthly tonnage of copper salts are consumed
  • Immediate cost reduction and ROI
  • Reduced chemistry consumption
  • Less dependency on fluctuating copper prices
  • Reduced waste treatment costs
  • Lower sludge generation
  • Reduced environmental footprint

HexCycle™ – Chromic Acid Recovery System

Our HexCycle chromic acid recovery unit uses a combination of technologies to concentrate chromic acid waste and reclaim up to 99% from chrome etch- and hex chrome plate rinse waters, providing significant waste reduction and cost savings. Chromic acid is recovered to minimize waste and reduce wastewater treatment, significantly reducing operational costs. HexCycle is the most durable and efficient chromic acid recovery system available globally for both chromic acid etches and decorative chrome plating processes.

Our HexCycle units can evaporate between 200-400 litres per hour of rinse water and return a concentration of 250 grams/litre chromic acid.



95 - 99 % of chromic acid can be recycled from rinse waters following chromic acid etching or decorative electroplating. 

  • Zero upfront investment in equipment
  • Immediate cost savings
  • Less dependency on material availability
  • Lower sludge generation in WWT
  • Reduced environmental footprint


CarboPure - Carbonate Removal System

Our innovative CarboPure carbonate removal units are specially designed for purification of sodium based alkaline electroplating processes. Their advanced features ensure they efficiently remove carbonates and sulphates without significant solution loss. The subsequent reduction in carbonates improves cathode efficiency, plating speed, deposit distribution, chemical consumption along with a reduction in waste generation. Our fully automated CarboPure units are proven to remove both carbonates and sulphates without any loss of production time.

  • CarboPure effectively removes excess carbonates (and sulphates) from alkaline electrolytes including Alkaline Zinc, Alkaline Zinc Nickel, Cyanide Copper, Cyanide Bronze, and other highly alkaline electrolytes




  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved deposit thickness distribution
  • Lower organic additive consumption
  • Reduced waste volume and cost
  • Eliminate bleed & feed actions
  • Eliminate dependency on annual solution freezing (winter season)


  • Unique air-drying cycle to dewater carbonate and sulphate solids
  • Fully programmable automated solutions loading system
  • Automatic indexing filter
  • Automatic defrost cycle
  • Automatic system washout at shutdown
  • EasyConnect option

MES AproCHIM Pressure Filter Systems

Our Aprochim range of products includes solid/liquid separation technology and pressure filter systems for electroplating, phosphating, and metalworking.

For about forty years we have been designing, manufacturing, and selling different-sized filter systems for separating suspended solids from liquids all over the world. We pride ourselves in great design expertise and flexibility, which allow us to meet special needs by offering “tailor made” filters and installations. They are designed and developed in close cooperation with our customers, ensuring their final specifications are met.

To date, more than 1,500 units have been installed globally, effectively filtering half a million litres per minute. Our core business is the filtration of coolant liquids (emulsions, neat oils) in the metal working industry.


  • Available in different sizes for different flow rates
  • High filtering quality for improved product quality and better surface finishing results
  • Filtration of all particles results in longer coolant lifetime
  • Reduction of disposal costs for grinding sludge, lower cost for coolant waste
  • Filtration belt life > 1 year: Reduction of fabric purchasing costs and disposal costs
Area Applications Customer Categories
Electroplating (GLV) Nickel, Acid & alkaline Zinc, Chromium, Acid & Alkaline Copper Taps, Fittings, Chrome Plating, Galvanic Industries
Phosphating (FFT) Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Degreasing Solutions Washing Baths, Automotive Industry, Degreasing Baths
Metalworking (MEC) Machine Tool Coolants, Synthetic Coolants, Neat Oil Ball & Roller Bearings, Hard Metals, Tool Manufacturing, Blade & Knife Manufacturers, Grinding Works, Aeronautics Industry