Industrial Wastewater Recycling

There are several compelling reasons why companies who use water in the course of manufacturing are now turning to wastewater recycling and reuse solutions from MacDermid Envio, but none so impactful as limited and continually dwindling water supplies. It is estimated that more than 20% of global water usage is consumed by industrial manufacturing. Local utilities can no longer guarantee access to plentiful, affordable water. As a result, manufacturers must consider the benefits of in-house contaminant removal and the reuse of water already within their process.

Water filtration

Maximize water recovery optimize costs

Water reuse systems give manufacturers control of overall water quality and allow more flexibility of usage. MacDermid Envio industrial water reuse solutions integrate seamlessly into existing industrial wastewater treatment processes to reclaim effluent, treat it, and then supply the purified water back to the facility wherever it's needed. Reclaimed water can be used anywhere from painting and plating rinse lines to deionization feed water and cooling tower makeup water.

Using MacDermid Envio provides advantages such as:

  • MacDermid Envio has expertise in water recovery dating back to 1971
  • We match the right technology to your needs
  • We offer fully automated systems
  • We supply complete solutions, not components
Clean water

Why MacDermid Envio For Recycling Projects?

Forty-plus years of experience make MacDermid Envio a smart choice for mid-market manufacturers who need more water in their process, who are being constrained by strict local water regulations, or who prefer environmentally-conscious initiatives. We help clients achieve ambitious reuse/recycle goals through a variety of solutions and custom-built systems designed to fit perfectly with an organization's existing infrastructure and capabilities.

Purpose Built

MacDermid Envio has always been on the forefront of designing, building and implementing water recycle systems. Our expertise lies in matching the right technology to your need, not providing a generic solution. If your project does not require high purity or drinking water quality, why pay for it? The technologies we bring to bear include:

Reverse Osmosis
Nano Filtration
Ion Exchange
Membrane Bioreactors
Ultraviolet Disinfection
Treating Process Water

Treating Process Water

Unsuitable incoming water is not an uncommon dilemma in many industrial processes - or any business where water is used. Poor quality tap water or well water interacts with surfaces and materials and can cause corrosion, scaling and bacteria growth, degrading equipment life or creating health issues for workers. In processes where minerals or impurities come in contact with the manufactured product - like semiconductors, food and beverages, or pharmaceuticals - water quality must be extremely high and incredibly consistent. Relying on our expertise in both mechanical and chemical solutions, MacDermid Envio can formulate the best fit for your needs, whether it is simple filtration, reverse osmosis, or a complete closed-loop reclamation/reuse system with specialty chemicals.

Zero Discharge Liquid

Zero Liquid Discharge

When local discharge requirements are so stringent that your treated water is better that what you are buying, Zero Liquid Discharge solutions can be the answer. MacDermid Envio is a trusted global leader in helping customers determine whether a ZLD solution is right for them, and developing the most cost-effective system to maximize water recovery.

WR Series

Rethinking the Value Proposition

It has long been proven the cost of recycling wastewater outweighs the price of water. However, with supplies decreasing and the cost of water reuse technologies lowering, manufacturers can effectively adopt recycle projects that were once too costly to validate. This argument is especially true in situations where substantial treatment is necessary before discharging to the sewer or environment, such that nominal capital investment or increased operational costs due to recycling can be easily justified.