At MacDermid Envio, we understand how critical managing your influent and effluent water is, and how important it is to stay in compliance while minimizing treatment costs, energy costs, and equipment maintenance. So no matter what your pre-treatment challenge is, MacDermid Envio can help. 

water pre-treatment

Expertise in water pre-treatment

Our expertise in pre-treatment ranges across a wide variety of industries and applications to provide you with an integrated solution customized to your facilities, processes, equipment, and regulatory environment. 

MacDermid Envio provides customized antiscalants, flocculants, coagulants, softeners, and polymers to clarify your water, remove suspended or dissolved solids, improve your steam purity, and prevent scaling. We also provide ongoing treatment, and can review your equipment, operations, and systems to help optimize performance and production.

Customized pre-treatment solutions

Regardless of the type, difficulty, or urgency of your pre-treatment issue, MacDermid Envio can solve it economically. We welcome the opportunity to create a customized, integrated pre-treatment solution to keep you in compliance, protect your assets, and reduce your costs.

Clarify influent and effluent water
Screen coarse solids
Separate and remove fats, oils, and grease
Equalize water flow rate and composition
Minimize chemical costs, dosages, and energy use
Prolong equipment life 
Protect against unscheduled service disruptions or system failures