International Automotive Parts Manufacturer

NiCycle China


The international automotive parts manufacturer was searching for opportunities to recover valuable materials, reduce operational cost and minimize the amount of waste discharged.


The customer was pressured to meet the local discharge limits for Nickel whilst recycling materials that would normally be sent for disposal. Providing a solution that also provided a significant cost benefit was highly attractive.

The customers yearly consumption of Nickel Sulfate was 48,000 kg with a cost of 1,536,000 RMB.

The local wastewater discharge limit for their centralized Industrial Park was Ni <100ppm.

The MacDermid Envio Solution

After evaluating the client’s challenges, MacDermid Envio Solutions found this customer to be an excellent candidate for our NiCycle Nickel recovery system. Our team installed our state-of-the-art NiCycle system with enhanced automated controls and continuous nickel recovery. Nickel was recovered as Nickel Sulphate and used directly in their electroplating processes.


  • NiCycle units use Ion Exchange resin technology
  • NiCycle features PLC Controls and Touch Screen
  • NiCycle removes Nickel ions from most types of (electrolytic) Nickel rinses
  • NiCycle isolates Nickel ions from other plating components
  • Bright, Semi-Bright, Satin & Microporous Nickel systems can all be treated to recover Nickel
  • High Purity nickel solution is produced for use in all Nickel processes
  • Recovered Nickel solutions are free of Organic and Sulphur compounds
  • Nickel Sulphate or Nickel Chloride can be produced

Operational Benefits

  • Recycle: Up to 95% of Nickel can be recovered & reused
  • Savings: Customers benefit from significant value in recovered Nickel

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduce: Nickel waste in rinse waters is no longer sent for treatment
  • Recycle: Nickel waste normally sent for landfill is reused


Our NiCycle unit yielded the following results for the customer:

  • In this application, we recovered an average of 90% Nickel from rinse water, yielding up to 43,000kg NiSO4 per year, saving 1.3M RMB per year
  • Significant reduction in waste treatment cost by recycling Nickel waste.
  • The Nickel concentration in the waste was reduced to below 100ppm, meeting the required discharge limits