EnvioCARE Onsite Service & Support

At MacDermid Envio, a cornerstone of our unique business approach is the varied service we supply before, during and after the successful implementation of a solution. From our professional onsite startup and service technicians to our in-house remote support staff, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best possible people, techniques and technologies so our clients can count on continued success.

minimize downtime

Minimize downtime

Your water treatment system is an integral part of your manufacturing line, so protecting that capital investment to keep it running at full capacity and within compliance must be a priority within your facility. By utilizing MacDermid Envio’s service programs, especially our remote services, you have assurance that your system is maintained and performing as specified.


TECHLink™ Remote Services

With MacDermid Envio’s remote service technology and advanced control panels, technicians can diagnose and address most system issues within minutes via the internet, eliminating the need to schedule a visit. And with our family of remote monitoring capabilities, systems can be run from across the plant or across the world, while a myriad of events and trends can be captured and reported to make processes more and more efficient.

Benefits include:

  • Data capture for historical comparisons and/or trouble-shooting
  • Remote monitoring for better allocation of labor
  • Remote access for reduced downtime or onsite service costs
  • Real-time multi-channel alerts
  • 2020 Update: Use of Ewon hub offers better reliability, security, and more options than the previous offering
  • 2020 Update: E-Cell Router and E-Wireless options for easier access (little to none IT involvement)
Peace of mind

Peace of Mind

Our partnerships don’t end once the equipment is installed or the chemicals are adjusted. We believe accountability is the key to success. We stand behind our work, ensuring our solutions continually provide peace of mind, compliance and ease of operation for decades.

Check out our our customizable Service Program EnvioCARE.



EnvioCARE is our customizable Service Program that allows you to select from a range of wastewater and environmental systems support options, ensuring continued environmental compliance. Maintenance, supervision, engineering, training and routine analysis are all available to mix and match to your specific requirements.