EnvioCARE Onsite Service & Support

Customizable Environmental Services for Compliance Security

At MacDermid Envio, a cornerstone of our unique business approach is the varied service we supply before, during and after the successful implementation of a solution.

EnvioCARE is our customizable Service Program that allows you to select from a range of wastewater and environmental systems support options, ensuring continued environmental compliance. Maintenance, supervision, engineering, training and routine analysis are all available to mix and match to your specific requirements. EnvioCARE ensures your wastewater treatment system remains in compliance and is supported by a dedicated team of professional experts in water management.
With EnvioCARE, you have support from experts in industrial chemical processes and wastewater engineering.


Design a Service Plan tailored to your needs

EnvioCARE includes on-site management, scheduled service visits and remote monitoring services. You select exactly what your business needs.

  • From 24/7 Support to Annual System Inspections
  • From Full time On-Site Engineers to Routine Analytical Services
  • From Daily Site Checks to Monthly Audits
  • Flexible Service, when and how you need it
  • Cover for Staff Shortages, Emergencies & System Start-Ups
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How would you like EnvioCARE delivered?

Within EnvioCARE, you can decide how you want your services to be delivered. Whether you prefer embedded, scheduled, or remote services. EnvioCARE gives you just what you need.
Choose from the following options:

  • Embedded > On-Site Services
  • Scheduled > Service Visits
  • On-Demand > Service Support
  • Remote Monitoring (TechLINKTM)> Web Based Monitoring Services

EnvioVIEW Remote Services

With MacDermid Envio’s remote service technology and advanced control panels, technicians can diagnose and address most system issues within minutes via the internet, eliminating the need to schedule a visit. And with our family of remote monitoring capabilities, systems can be run from across the plant or across the world, while a myriad of events and trends can be captured and reported to make processes more and more efficient.