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Blake Batley

"As a customer of one of our ESI businesses, we are deeply committed to your success.  It is truly an honor to help you find solutions to your challenges, and to work together to create opportunities for you to grow your business.  It is not enough to satisfy our customers.  We want to delight you.  We aim to deliver innovative solutions to improve your business, extraordinary customer experiences that exceed your expectations, and lasting relationships built on integrity and trust.  Thank you for your support and your business, and please never hesitate to let us know how we can improve the products and services we provide to you."

- Blake Batley, Chief Sales Officer


Terms and Conditions

Please see the attached MacDermid Envio Solutions Terms and Conditions of Sale.   These Terms and Conditions of Sale shall apply if no written agreement is executed by both the customer and MacDermid Envio Solutions for the sale of MacDermid Envio Solutions’ products (“Formal Agreement”).  For example, these Terms and Conditions of Sale shall govern if a customer issues MacDermid Envio Solutions a purchase order in the absence of a Formal Agreement.  The regional version of Terms and Conditions of Sale shall be used depending on the location the MacDermid Envio Solutions entity making the sale.

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Committed to quality and the accelerated delivery of products, processes and services that consistently meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

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ESI Sustainability

ESI Sustainability

The intersection between sustainability and profitability is well established in our business and has become more significant over time. We strive to act as responsible stewards and to provide a high-level of protection to human health and the environment, not only in the way we manufacture and deliver our products, but in the way our products are used and handled by our customers.

For our Policies relating to ethic and sustainability matters, please see "Policies" below.

ESI ESG Sustainability Report


ESI Policies

We are committed to conducting business with the highest standards of honesty and integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Our policies define our approach to responsible oversight and accountability.

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Responsible Sourcing

We believe it is essential to maintain an ethical and socially responsible supply chain. For Element Solutions, being responsible means managing potential risks across our global businesses related to compliance, human rights violations, climate change disruptions and novel interruptions, such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic. For more details relating to our responsible sourcing practices, please refer to the “ESI ESG Sustainability Report” above. For additional information regarding the use of specific minerals in our products or to request a mineral reporting template (i.e. CMRT, CRT, etc.), please contact:

New Customer Information Questionnaire

Successful business relationships are built on integrity and contingent on conducting business in an ethical manner consistent with all applicable laws and regulations. As part of our effort to maintain evolving regulatory compliance and manage potential risks, we maintain a process and systems to preemptively screen potential counterparties prior to any transactions. To ensure your request gets routed correctly, please complete our New Customer Information Questionnaire, allowing for seamless and secure on-boarding experience.

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Global Quality Manual

For a copy of the “Global Quality Manual” describing the integrated systems in practice at Element Solutions Inc (ESI) group of companies, please contact Corporate Quality.

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