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Envio Solutions

Our metals reclaim and recycling capability combined with our recent acquisition of a major water and waste treatment equipment and chemistry supplier has created a technology provider with a suite of products well-suited to the environmental needs of our customers and markets. This unique portfolio and insight, unparalleled in our market sectors, provides customers with the most comprehensive consultation advice, equipment development, installation services and ongoing monitoring available today.

Equipped to Recover – Recycle – Reuse

MacDermid Envio Solutions provides Equipment, Chemistry and Services for ensuring environmental sustainability is a compelling business asset. Our mastery of metals recycling, waste treatment and water recovery positively impacts the environmental footprint of customers by combining intimate chemistry know-how and advanced engineering solutions. Simultaneously, metal recycling saves customers money and reduced discharge allows for increased production volumes.

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Our NiCycle equipment is capable of recycling up to 98% of the nickel salts typically found in process rinse waters from nickel electroplating processes.

Since 2010, our customers have recovered over 1 million kilograms of nickel worth $14m, for reuse in their nickel processes.


CuCycle is the most advanced copper sulphate recycling system available today, recovering over 95% of copper salts from typical electroplating rinse waters.

Our customers have recovered over 973,000 kilograms of copper worth more than $6m, for reuse in electroplating processes.


HexCycle is our industry benchmark chromium recycling system capable of recovering over 95% of chromium salts from rinse waters.

Over 5 million kilograms worth more that $21m, has been recovered and reused by our surface finishing customers.

Showcase Technologies

Sustainability in action

We believe it is more valuable to show how our sustainable products and services have created long term value for customers than to make bold claims and generic statements about ‘green’ processes.

Tin Recycling Chromium Offshore Fluids Blackhole
  • Tin Recycling
  • Chromium
  • Offshore Fluids
  • Blackhole
  • Tin Recycling
    Tin Recycling

    Tin Recycling

    Tin we supply today will be reused by countless generations to come.

    More than 50% of the Tin we use to manufacture our solder products comes from recycled sources.

    We also operate recycling services, to recover and reuse customers scrap Tin, reducing the burden on Tin ore mining and energy demand.

  • Chromium


    We’ve eliminated Chromium to create a brighter future.

    Our chromium free surface treatments enable the automotive industry to shine brighter than ever.

    Used to prepare polymer substrates for metal deposition, our evolve™ system leads the world in environmentally compliant surface science.

  • Offshore Fluids
    Offshore Fluids

    Offshore Fluids

    Environmentally safe, whatever the environment.

    Our products used in control valves for oceanic oil extraction are 100% biodegradable in seawater within 28 days.

    Our Subsea Fluids are proven to exceed all oceanic compliance standards and continue to power offshore oil extraction even under the most extreme conditions.

  • Blackhole


    Using Carbon to reduce your Carbon footprint.

    Our carbon based printed circuit board metallization processes consumes 90% less water than conventional systems.

    BlackHole and Shadow, our carbon based metallization processes, have so far been used to produce over 1 billion circuit boards.


Water Management

Our global capability coupled with local resources enable us to bring optimum solutions to water management, from the most cost effective units to the most technically advanced systems. We are passionate about delivering sustainable technologies that provide compliance reassurance and well as true economic value.

Taking bigger steps to leave a smaller footprint…

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