Long-Term Savings With MacDermid Envio’s Batch Treatment

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Ramping Up Production Translates to a Ramp Up in Costly Wastewater Treatment Processes

Wastewater treatment does not always scale proportionally with manufacturing growth, making it a costly side effect of increased production. At the same time, it can be difficult and expensive to source and treat the water required to keep up with the higher output. A more cost-effective wastewater treatment solution can play a significant role in improving manufacturing efficiency and reducing costs.


Concentrated Waste Disposal, Escalating Operational Costs and Aging Equipment Hinders Increased Production

The client, a growing international manufacturer of specialty wire for the automotive industry, needed to replace its aging Arkansas wastewater treatment system to accommodate increased production. Simply scaling up existing treatment processes would require both large capital expenditures and increased operational costs. The new system would also need to treat a dynamic mix of contaminants and meet stringent environmental regulations.

The MacDermid Envio Solution

Batch Treatment System Segregates Problem Causing Contaminants

MacDermid Envio engineers examined the client’s manufacturing processes and analyzed the resulting wastewater. After working with the client’s in-house technicians, analyzing the facility’s production cycle, understanding existing systems, and communicating with everyone involved, the MacDermid Envio team realized that only two percent of the contaminants were causing nearly all of the client’s treatment problems.

MacDermid Envio designed and installed an innovative, electronically-controlled batch treatment system that segregated high-strength wastes from everyday wastewater. The system comprised two modules optimized for separate, unique waste characteristics.


A Future-Proof Solution that Reduces Chemicals, Labor and Waste

With MacDermid Envio’s batch system approach, the manufacturer:

  • Lowered operating costs by decreasing the need for specialty chemicals
  • Eliminated unnecessary labor and attention
  • Improved manufacturing efficiency
  • Substantially reduced solid waste

With its consultative approach, MacDermid Envio removed the guesswork from the system design. As a result, the client anticipates recouping its capital investment within two years and estimates millions of dollars in future savings. Also, the system’s modular design allows for future low-cost and low-risk expansion designed to match the client’s projected growth.

MacDermid Envio Corporation leveraged its understanding of the unique problem to identify and implement an equally unique solution with an efficient batch treatment system. MacDermid Envio has ample experience in wastewater treatment for the automotive industry and can utilize this experience while addressing clients’ needs in similar industries.