Reducing Nickel Salt Consumption Yields Amazing Results

MacDermid ENVIO: NiCycle


The strategy at a German metal processing manufacturer was to become more sustainable. Therefore, the company set out on a mission to reduce nickel salt consumption and its impact on wastewater treatment. They understood this would significantly improve theirenvironmental footprint whilst also reducing operating costs.


The company operates two Copper, Nickel, and Chrome plating facilities with segregated waste streams. To reduce nickel salt consumption, a nickel recovery system (NiCycle) developed by MacDermid, was selected as a possible solution. However, high calcium levels in the mains water supply posed a challenge to efficient system operation. MacDermid recommended installing a water softener based on experience with similar issues at other customers.

The results speak for themselves. Over 1.5 tonnes of nickel sulphate are being recovered every month since installing the NiCycle. The plating quality is excellent and only minimum labour is required to operate the system. In addition, there are no more problems with algae formation and the frequency of the rinse dumps went from weekly to monthly. These longer intervals lead to higher nickel rinse concentrations which improves the efficiency of the NiCycle unit.