Adhesive Manufacturing Wastewater Treatment Solutions

By-products from the adhesive and sealant manufacturing processes can be harsh and difficult to remove, but MacDermid Envio has a variety of solutions that comprise effective wastewater treatment systems in these industries. Organic polymers and prepolymers don’t break down easily but can be removed through biological waste treatment techniques. Certain biodegradable adhesives can be easier to remove than others, but all must be removed before discharge.


Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Adhesives Manufacturing

Wastewater from facilities that produce caulks and sealants like polyurethane foam also contain a mixture chemicals and polymers and should be treated accordingly. In both cases, there is no single solution that will always be guaranteed effective – it takes an initial assessment, testing, working with the facility and understanding the process to determine the exact path to wastewater treatment.

MacDermid Envio’s approach to wastewater creates tailored systems for our clients. In industries with a variety of facilities that use different chemicals, that specificity is crucial. It also helps us identify the regulations surrounding proper treatment, reuse and disposal so that we can design our system accordingly.

With heavy duty byproducts make wastewater management in the glue and adhesives industry difficult. Failing to do it well can lead to costly non-compliance fees. That’s why you should let MacDermid Envio help.


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