Wastewater Treatment Solutions For Electronics Manufacturing

Industrial wastewater from electronics industries can contain a high number of complex contaminants such as organics, minerals, heavy metals (copper, lead, nickel, gold) as well as creating high COD on water streams. MacDermid Envio's wastewater treatment solutions for the electronics industry help you to stay in compliance at all times despite these challenging elements.


Water Treatment Solutions For Electronics & Semiconductor Manufacturing

As part of ESI, Envio Solutions has direct access to experts within the PCB fabrication chemistry sector. With decades of experience in understanding and treating wastewater from printed circuit fabrication operations, we have deep understanding of the ingredients used in production chemistry and how these can be effectively treated within industrial wastewater system.


Electronics Industry & Water 2

Only with this deep chemical knowledge can a wastewater treatment specialist be sure of providing treatment options that optimise environmental outcomes for our customers. These insights give us an outstanding view of the wastewater treatment challenges faced by printed circuit board manufacturers and enable us to design solutions carefully tailored and tested to ensure environmental compliance is not left to chance.