WaterCARE Chemistry

The Surface Finishing industry has always presented a unique set of challenges for wastewater treatment. Not only does the engineering of wastewater treatment equipment require special consideration, especially given the complexity of waste generated by modern processes, but the chemistry used to treat wastewater needs to be carefully selected so as not to burden the waste with even more additives before final discharge as well as to maintain strict governmental and permit limits. MacDermid Envio Solutions offers you chemical treatment expertise in surface finishing process chemistry to help meet your environmental needs for wastewater treatment.

MacDermid’s formulation level knowledge of surface finishing chemistries

MacDermid’s formulation level knowledge of surface finishing chemistries offer a unique advantage when calculating the best wastewater treatment approach. Our WaterCARE range of chemical products are designed as part of our complete wastewater management portfolio. With decades of experience developing surface finishing processes, who else is better suited to provide the know-how to treat the waste they generate? Targeting the specific waste challenges created by surface finishing processes ensures the best possible treatment options. This clear industry focus makes sure you achieve discharge compliance, whilst maintaining close control over operating costs. 

unique approach to integrate mechanical and chemical solutions

Our unique approach to integrate mechanical and chemical solutions makes us the best choice for surface finishing wastewater needs. Our ability to rapidly adapt to changing technology and regulations ensures your environmental compliance needs are now the responsibility of an industry leading specialty chemicals supplier, ready to address challenges such as:

  • Heavy Metals Removal
  • Practical Water Recycling
  • COD, BOD, TOC Control
  • Reduction of Total Suspended Solids
  • Sludge Conditioning
  • Foam Control

Utilizing our WaterCARE OMEGA Line of Coagulants, Cationic Polymers, Metal Precipitants, Anionic Polymers and Antifoaming Agents will help you achieve and maintain compliance with your local environmental discharge permit requirements and provide peace of mind in meeting your wastewater treatment and sustainability initiatives.